As the world evolves, change remains constant. Change in our way of life, in our business, in our relationship, change in nature and utmostly, change in our world. Whether positive or negative, we tend to embrace whatever change that comes our way. However, in the light of so many changes, we can modify it to suit our purpose.

The things that were created to bind us together are the exact things seperating us today. Religion came as a means of binding our ties and holding strong our relationship with one another. Religion centres upon one value – the value of believing in a supreme being. Regardless of however anyone chooses to reach out to the supreme being, we should be interconnected by means of knowing that we meet at a centre point.

The need to group every individual became pertinent as means of easy identification and checkmating. When the world was homogenous, everyone was cautious of the principle of ‘checks and balances’. No one would want to misbehave or do the wrong thing because there was a ‘big brother’ over them watching closely. This ‘big brother’ is synonmous to the tribe. It was never intended for division or seperation.

Depending on individualistic belief in creation, we were all born into a world with different people encapsulated in different colours. These colours are to bring out the beauty of the world. If we were all of the same colour, we would almost get bored. However, abiding in varying colours makes us appreciate the brain behind our existence. A green flower doesnt have a problem with a red flower. Each flower work hand in hand to make the garden beautiful. Racism was never intended.

The major problem destroying us in the world today are summarized in three words- ‘RELIGION, TRIBALISM, RACISM’.

How can we get the true religion back?

How can we modify tribalism?

How can we get racism extinct?

My posts and your comments would go a long way in restoring our true and lost elements.